The story of my comics job

From several years I'm in the comics world. My most important work, up to now is "Fugue on Issar". From this and other 3 comics book, Nippon Animation realized 77 episodes 30' of cartoon film.

I am a physicist and my job was in the optical system for space application. The comic was an hobby, which became fast a second job. You can see that I have produced many characters and tales. Caused by market difficulties and the lack of time, caused my primary job, I negelcted the comics during several years.

I had many difficulties with an dishonest publisher. Caused by the slowness of law machine I have lost a lot of money. Other misadventures with small publishers disgusted me and I leaved the comics.

Now I have found YOUCANPRINT, which allows to me to publish  (with very low expenses) my works. Threfore, being retired, I decided to restart with my comics activity and to publish my complete work...

This is an ambitious project, which involves me about 12 hours a day.

The first three books I will publish (firstly in Italian, and after in English) play on the Magdala character and have a strong content of funniness.

Now I have to promote Magdala...

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